Stop in time – the most important success factor in online casinos

Any gambler knows that it is always a good idea to stop in time, but stopping the game can be very difficult. Such difficulties do not arise only for those players who are sure that it is impossible to win big money in the casino. They make minimum deposits, wagering small bonuses and quickly withdraw funds. Such tactics will not bring untold riches, but also in the deep minus does not drive. It is quite another matter if luck makes the player doubt. Do I need to continue? What if now begins a winning streak?

That is how a small win can provoke a big loss. It is not uncommon for large cash prizes to be drained on the same day as well, as some casino visitors are so addicted to the game that they cannot tear themselves away from the process. They do not withdraw the funds, and play on, that is, they voluntarily give up their winnings. If you want to increase your chances of success, you should use reliable online casinos, study reviews of modern sites. For example, you can see leo vegas review here

Learn how to lose and stop

Let’s say you originally had $100 and managed to win $1,000. Now you have $1100 at your disposal. Take out $800, and the rest you can spend on bets. If you lose, you’ll still be in the black. If you win, you can continue, but make sure you increase the withdrawal amount each time. It is recommended to determine it before making a bet, so that there is not even the slightest temptation to win back on this money.

If a streak of bad luck began, and you lost the deposited portion of the bankroll, you must stop by all means. There is no need to make wagering your absolute goal, otherwise you will definitely find yourself in a much bigger minus. Stopping the game will keep losses to a minimum. It’s no secret that gamblers find it hard to stop, as they begin to wager hard. You have to force yourself to finish the game by being in the minus. Remember that on another day you can return to the casino and try again to bend the luck to your side.

Always count your expenses/income

Regular customers of virtual casinos play almost every day, but do not keep track of their game balance statistics. Meanwhile, it is very useful, because it allows you to clearly see and evaluate their expenditures and income from gambling entertainment. Often it turns out that players do not win as much as they think. Moreover, many find themselves in deficit, although they are absolutely sure that they have a profitable position. Everyone who constantly plays at online casinos should make a special table. To create it, you can use any convenient office program (such as Microsoft Exsel). You will need a table of three columns. You can use an automatic formula to calculate the final balance.

Enter the necessary data into the table each time you make a deposit or withdrawal. Feel like playing again? Look at the document and see the total for the month. It’s very likely that it will be negative. Why does this happen? The human brain tends to quickly forget failures. Let’s say you lost $200 each day for a whole week, and on Sunday you won $500. Simple calculations show that you ended up losing $700 for the week, but without statistics, it creates a misleading sense of profit.  This is why it is advisable to carefully calculate your balance, so you know its real state.

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