Property prices in Mallorca

Buying property is the safest way to save and multiply money, especially in times of unstable economic conditions. Many investors prefer to invest in real estate abroad. It is difficult to find a more suitable place for this than the coast of Spain. Excellent climate, rich cultural heritage, high standard of living and affordable housing prices attract investors from the UK, Germany and other countries. For a comfortable stay and profitable rent is best to buy a villa in Spain on the sea coast. Particular demand is for real estate in Mallorca.

Villas on the coast – the most comfortable housing in Spain

Villa in Spain is a detached house with swimming pool and garden in the surrounding area. This is a prestigious home, often located on the first coast line. On a large plot of land is a place for a cozy patio, recreation areas and tennis courts. The houses have a large terrace and spacious bright rooms with air conditioning, built-in appliances and designer furniture. Villas are located in protected areas, and in the neighborhood live prosperous neighbors.

Living in such a place, you can enjoy the sun, sea views, scents of citrus groves and the leisurely rhythm of local life. During the holiday season the villa can be rented out to holidaymakers and receive passive income. No matter what purpose you want to buy a villa in Spain. It will always be an indicator of prosperity and high status.

Where is the best place to buy a villa?

Real estate in Mallorca is in maximum demand from both foreigners and residents of Spain. It costs more than the national average. Catalunya – one of the most developed and economically successful Spanish regions. The proximity of the sea and mountains provides a diverse, very beautiful scenery. The 700 km long coastline is home to many resort towns and villages. Many of them are known even to those who have never been to Catalonia, such as Mallorca. You can buy a villa in Mallorca here

Catalan residents can enjoy clean azure beaches, famous museums, a variety of shopping and many attractions. Therefore, real estate here will always be in demand. In Catalonia, you can find villas of different price categories. There are small houses with a modest plot and luxurious multi-storey mansions. The price of this property depends on several parameters.

  • Location. The most expensive properties are located on the first and second line of the beach. The houses are 10 minutes walk from the sea and are much cheaper. Practical Europeans often choose this option. Another factor that raises the price – the proximity of the airport or railway station, well-developed infrastructure. Many world famous celebrities are looking to buy a villa in Spain. Neighborhood with them increases the price of real estate.
  • The area of the house and the plot. The most budget villas – a small, more often one-storey houses up to 100 m2. Adjacent area they have no or limited to a small yard. The most expensive offers are mansions, which may include several bedrooms and bathrooms, banquet room, sauna, gym, several garages and an extensive landscaped area.
  • Renovation and furnishing. Houses in Spain are sold in different condition. Someone chooses a completely dilapidated structure to demolish them and build a new house to their liking on a good plot. In the expensive villas the rooms and the surrounding area are decorated with professional designers. Natural materials, including marble and expensive types of wood, are often used for decoration.
  • Energy saving. In Spain, villas are often found with solar panels and energy management systems. They cost more, but the difference quickly pays off by saving on utility bills.

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