iPhone 4S Black Friday Deal

Normally Apple never discounts the current iPhone model. There is no exception this year. However, you will still be able to find the best iPhone 4S Black Friday deal from Verizon Wireless.

One perk I can think of is free overnight shipping – this kind of promo is available from time to time on verizonwireless.com. Another promotion they often do during holiday shopping season is free activation. The normal activation fee is about $35 per line. For the entire family of 5 lines you can save up to $180. No bad at all considered the iPhone 4S will be one of the hottest gift item this year.

Since Verizon can’t really discount the iPhone on the price level they can still throw in some accessories like free case or Bluetooth headset. Don’t expect too much though. I will be pretty much satisfied with the free activation. Exactly what kind of deal you will be getting? We will find out the week before Black Friday. Meanwhile, check many 4G LTE smart phones available today. They will be heavily discounted.

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