Black Friday Deals are as Good as How You Shop: These 5 Tips Can Definitely Help!

There is certainly no day like Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when the real holiday season shopping begins. This American tradition gets off to the races as families have the extra time to get in a great deal of their shopping and getting a real head start on Christmas.

The actual term “Black Friday” comes from accounting where being “in the black” means that a business is currently making a profit. There is little doubt that businesses will make a profit on every Black Friday, but it pays as a customer to be prepared before you head out to the stores.

Here are the top 10 Black Friday shopping tips that will not only help you save money, but time and effort as well. Although it is great to plan ahead as much as possible, you probably will not get all the information you need until Thanksgiving Day.

Research, Research, Research
If you want to get the best deals, then you need to know what is on sale during Black Friday. Compare last year’s deals and you can pretty much predict what will go on sale this year. From large department stores to the smallest Mom and Pop shops will always preview what they will have on sale in the days before Black Friday, so be sure to check out what they will be offering. Plus, you’ll only want to get the products that you and those who you buy for really want, so be sure to limit your research just to those items as it will save you time. If you see a good product at a great price while you are shopping, then by all means go out at get it. Otherwise, stick to your research and only buy what is on your list.

The Thursday Newspaper
Your local newspaper on Thanksgiving Day will be stuffed with ads like a certain bird on your dinner table will be stuffed as well. This is one of the best resources for your research, so when you get the paper sort through all the ads and set aside those that you want. Then, after you eat organize the ads that work for you to the stores that you are going to hit. That way, you’ll be ready when taking off on Black Friday morning.

Online Coupons & Apps
Thanks to mobile devices, there are now many coupon ads and codes that you can use to help make your shopping even easier. Plus, there are apps out there that will alert you to the stores which are currently having sales and the fastest way to get there. So now you can plan your trip, have the coupons ready and hit the stores in rapid succession. However, Verizon Wireless doesn’t require you to have coupon codes to get the discount. There simply no need to do so. Every mobile device is on sale on Black Friday.

Don’t Forget the Ad
There are stores that do not honor the special price unless you have the ad in hand. That is because physically marking down the prices is very time consuming and often not worth it for a single day. So, when you see an ad for a particular product, look to see if you must bring the ad with you for the store to honor the purchase. We have a list of AT&T Black Friday 2014 deals here. It’s valid online only but you can expect a much bigger discount.

Make Sure to Compare Prices
What might be a great deal in one store may not be as good in another. If you have something particular in mind, then you should look at all the stores that carry that item and compare the prices. This is especially true with electronic items that may have discounts as specialized stores, but you may find that retail stores have them at an even lower price.

Hope these tips can help you score the biggest bargain in 2014. Good luck!

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