Slot Overview: Crystal Golem

Golems are quite prevalent in popular culture, appearing in Pokémon and taking in many forms in Minecraft (including iron and ice). It is interesting to note that the phrase was initially used in Jewish folklore, where it referred to inanimate objects like clay that were brought to life via the application of magic words or charms. Golems were considered perfect servants in the Middle Ages, albeit a little too dedicated to their jobs. These days, a golem is more likely to be a material creation programmed to perform menial, mindless labor.

Crystal Golem, the studio’s second release, features golems who fit this criterion well. In this game, golems are untamed, and they perform a single, straightforward function. However, if you activate free spins, they will be tasked with some additional work that isn’t too taxing. The crystals and rock formations of the underworld in Crystal Golem’s base game are pastel pink, but they darken to a deep blue during the free spins bonus round. The presence of ex-Push members on the Print Studios team explains why the game looks so much like Push—high definition, eccentric characters and objects. The music is great as well; it’s an atmospheric tune with a touch of the 1980s that seems like it was made for a science fiction movie.

Crystal Golem is a video slot game featuring five reels, three rows, and twenty fixed paylines. Payouts occur when at least three identical symbols appear in a row, beginning on the leftmost reel. The return-to-player percentage (RTP) is either 96.36% if the bonus game is triggered naturally or 96.99% if free spins are purchased. The creators rank the volatility as a 4, which is strong but not exceptionally high. A relevant statistic is a hit frequency of around one in four spins (23.48% to be exact).

There are nine standard pay symbols, with four low-paying and five high-paying combinations available at stakes ranging from 20 pence to £/€100 each play. Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are the names given to the low cards, even though their designs don’t resemble those of the high cards at all. Then there are the many cave treasures, such crystal bats and stone snakes, as well as water mushrooms, gold mushrooms, and fire mushrooms. If you get a full win line of premium symbols, you can win anywhere from 2.5 times your bet to 20 times your bet. The wild symbol depicts a group of golems, and the maximum payout for hitting five of them on a payline is 50 times the wager. Golem wilds, which receive an additional bonus during free spins, can substitute for other pay symbols to help you win.

Slot Machine Crystal Golem Functions

Once you’ve figured out how all the extra features operate, Crystal Golem is a straightforward game with cascades, SuperSpinners, and free games that can be upgraded with wild symbols. The winning combination is destroyed by the cascade system, which then disappears from the display. As a result, the remaining symbols on the reels can slide down to fill up the empty spaces, increasing the chance of forming new winning combinations. This continues until there are no further victories.

If you examine the lines that separate the reels, you may notice little diamond-shaped items, some of which have numbers. These are the SuperSpinners, and the payout is increased by the indicated factor if a winning line crosses one of them. The payoff is multiplied for each SuperSpinnner that the winning line touches in turn. If two SuperSpinners land on the numbers 4 and 8, for instance, the payoff will be multiplied by 32.

Three, four, or five of the white, illuminating crystal scatter symbols trigger 8, 12, or 16 free Evolution Spins, accordingly. During the bonus game, a green flame will emerge at random on certain of the SuperSpinners. Charged Spinners is the name for these devices. If a wild Golem appears adjacent to a Charged Spinner, it will transform into a Stage 2 wild Golem and remain on the reels for one further spin after contributing to a win. The reel that the Stage 2 wild Golem is on is also upgraded, making all new wild Golems that land on that reel also Stage 2 wilds. Any more wild Golems that land on the upgraded reel trigger a further upgrade, taking it to Stage 3. You’ll get two more victories out of these wilds.

If you manage to improve each reel at least once, you’ll receive four more free games. If you upgrade them all again, you’ll receive another set of 4 bonus spins.

Finally, the extra purchase is available to those who qualify for it. Purchasing Evolution Spins, which guarantee at least three scatters on the following spin, costs 100 times the wager.

Judgment of the Slot Crystal Golem

It seems like we just tried Book of Destiny, the debut game from Print Studios, and now here comes their sequel, Crystal Golem. Despite the limited time frame, there is no sense of haste in Crystal Golem. Instead, it seems like everyone on the squad is eager to share their thoughts with the players. Crystal Golem looks fantastic, the animation is crisp, and the music is fun.

Speaking of animations, some players may find the careful highlighting of every successful line to be a speed hurdle in the process. Some people might find it helpful to be told about each victory in minute detail. Since many SuperSpinners in a winning combination multiply each other rather than being added together, they are the secret to the best outcomes in Crystal Golem. The maximum possible multiplier effect is x400.

Playing Crystal Golem, I couldn’t help but think about another popular slot machine at the moment, Yggdrasil’s beast Raptor DoubleMax. Print wasn’t aiming to rip them off in any way; the similarities between the games lie in their similar visual style, straightforward reel layout, and abundance of potentially wild multipliers. The maximum simulated win for Crystal Golem is 20,758.5x the wager, suggesting the two games have equal potential.

Print Studios has delivered another polished, enjoyable game for their sophomore attempt. It includes an innovative multiplication mechanism that may provide skyrocketing results and is more professional looking than their initial attempt. Crystal Golem and other games are helping to move print in a more progressive path, but it may still be a while before it becomes a revolutionary force.






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